Enrolling a Kinship Child in School

As a kinship caregiver in the state of California, you have the legal right to enroll your kinship child in school. Let’s explore what paperwork you will need to enroll your child in school.

Caregiver Authorization Affidavit or Other Legal Form

The first thing that you need is a Caregiver Authorization Affidavit. This is a legal document that certifies the kinship child is in your care full-time. This form allows you to enroll the child in school and consent to any medical care that is required as a condition for school enrollment, such as immunizations and physical examinations. You must have the form notarized. However, the child’s parents do not need to sign the document.

You can also use a Minor Child Power of Attorney form or Parental Designation form to enroll your child in school. Learn more about these forms on the Legal Resources page of this website.

Proof of Residency

School enrollment is often determined by the location of a family’s residence. You will likely need to provide proof of your physical address when you complete the school enrollment packet for your kinship child.

Birth Certificate

You will typically need to provide the school with a certified copy of your kinship child’s birth certificate or passport at the time of enrollment in school. If you have not received this document from the child’s parent, you have the legal right in California to request an Authorized Certified Copy of the birth certificate if you are the child’s legal guardian, grandparent, or sibling. If you are a family friend or related to the child in some other way, you will probably only be able to obtain an Information Certified Copy of the birth certificate.

Find out more about obtaining a copy of your kinship child’s birth certificate through the California Department of Public Health.

Immunization Record

It is required in California for children to be up to date with immunizations prior to enrollment in school. If you haven’t been able to get this information from the child’s parent, talk to the child’s new school. They may be able to access this information through the state’s CAIR portal. If not, you may need to track down where your kinship child has received medical care to locate the child’s immunization record.

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